George Griffin, Emily Hubley and Erica Perez with us

1st Animation Speak/Easy Event - happened August 31st 2022

We are still walking on clouds after such a brilliantly inspiring night! Our very first Animation Speak/Easy guests were George Griffin, Erica Perez and Emily Hubley. The films they chose to share with us could not be more different from each other and sparked conversations about continuity that can kill you, budding geeks, radish, family affairs and circular timeline. We can't wait to to bring you more guest speakers and more films!

Guests at Vol 2

George Griffin, Emily Hubley and Erica Perez with us

2nd Animation Speak/Easy Event - happened Nov 2nd 2022

We paid tribute to the recently deceased Israeli animator Gil Alkabetz, discussed the short Glucose with Lisa Crafts and had a wonderful conversation about Orgesticulanismus with Lizzi Akana.

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